Semester in review: 5 most anti-Israel stories in Spring 2019

During the spring 2019 semester, Campus Reform has reported on multiple anti-semitic incidents, perhaps more than any other semester. As the semester comes to a close and students head home for summer, Campus Reform thought it appropriate to talk with leaders who are on the front lines of battling this type of activity on college campuses, what they think may be driving it, and how to bring an end to it. 

Campus Reform has compiled a list of some of the most egregious instances of anti-Semitism on college campuses, including anything from anti-Israel internships to pro-Israel students being unable to form student organizations.

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1. Syracuse University

Want to get course credit for an internship? At Syracuse University, you can receive course credit for participating in an anti-Israel internship, as Campus Reform reported. Two majors at the university offer credit for being an intern at the Syracuse Peace Council (SPC), which bills itself as an “anti-war/social justice” group, and promotes the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The group held an event titled “Palestine Behind the Wall,” where one speaker openly said that “[Hamas has] done a lot of good for Palestinians. A separate speaker said that “I think Zionism needs to end….There can’t be a Zionist state. That’s just really wrong.”

2. Williams College

At William’s College, the college council rejected a pro-Israel group’s application to become officially registered as a student organization, allegedly due to the fact that the group is pro-Israel and doesn’t take a public stance against the Israeli “occupation” in Palestine. The group met all of the requirements to become a registered student organization (RSO) but was still rejected, as reported by Campus Reform. 

The group was rejected due to its “complicity in [Israeli] state violence.”

3. The University of North Carolina-Asheville

The University of North Carolina-Asheville invited and defended hosting Tamika Mallory, a Women’s March leader, for Martin Luther King, Jr. Week, as reported by Campus Reform. Mallory has previously endorsed Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan and called him “The GOAT,” or “greatest of all time” in a social media post, according to

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